YOUTH TRACK AND FIELD

Practices at Laidley began in April.  May practices will be held May 13, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 27, 28, 29, and 30.  All weekday practices are 5:30-7:30 pm.  When Saturday practices are scheduled, they will be 12:00 noon until 2:00 pm.  If it is raining, we will be practicing under the north stand on the  interstate side.  Make sure you dress according to the weather.   If there are any questions, please contact Coach Ferrell at coachchipferrell@gmail.com.

Track meets are listed in the “Schedule 2019” and start June 15.  Links to the 2019 AAU District Qualifying Track & Field &  Multi-Event Meet and Junior Olympic Track & Field  Championships are here and here.  Both will be held at Cabell Midland High School, 2300 U.S. Route 60 East, Ona, WV 25545.

We need more members and friends to enroll in the Kroger Card program!

Please enroll your Kroger Plus card in the Kroger Community Reward program assigning it to the Capital City Striders.  Click here for more information.

West Virginia Beverage Association Partnership

Mr. William Swann, Board Member of the Capital City Striders (CCS) and a representative from the West Virginia Beverage Association, presented the Striders with a contribution from the West Virginia Beverage  Association at the Striders’ practice Wednesday evening, April 24, at Laidley Field.  From left to right are the President of the CCS, Coach Marshall Cavender; CCS CEO and Head Coach William “Chip” Ferrell, CCS Board Member Mr. William M Swann, CCS Vice President, Coach Tommy Pickens, and Coach Tiant Stokes.

Capital City Striders (CCS) has an ongoing partnership with the West Virginia Beverage Association. Through this grant and this ongoing partnership with the West Virginia Beverage Association, we will be able to reach more young student athletes and hopefully continue our longstanding tradition of positively impacting our community for many years ahead. Show below is the first check presentation to CCS from Mr. William Swann of the West Virginia Beverage Association. 

First Capital City Striders Check Presentation


Our Striders in college are making us proud!   More information about Striders in College may be accessed from the Striders in College link in the menu at the top of each webpage.

Trevor Carson won the All American Award at the National AAU Championship Meet in Knoxville, Tennessee on December 1, 2018 (shown on the right, receiving his 8th place award in the top picture for the mens 17-18 5K with a time of 18:52.37).  Also participating in the National Championships were Edward and Lucas Passmore (boy’s 7-8, 2K), Jeremy Siders (men’s 13-14, 4K),  and Kenna Abshire (women’s 11-12, 3K).  Results from the meet may be downloaded from CoachO.

Luke Nichols tied for 6th with 3 others nationally for 17-18 year old 2018 Youth Outdoors High jump for 2018 with a height of 6’10.75” on Athletic.net Rankings.  He was #1 for Region 5.  

Coach Ferrell receiving the AAU Leadership Award!

All Strider coaches and volunteers need to go to www.usatf.org and renew their memberships and apply for a current Background check. 

The Capital City Striders  (CCS), located in Charleston, WV is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and a club member of the USA Track & Field (USATF) as well as the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) organizations.  These organizations are the national governing bodies of track and field.  As a result of being a member of USATF and AAU, the CCS is a competitive level club.


The intent of the program is to provide proper training for the events of track & field, to engage in competition with other USATF and AAU clubs locally, regionally & nationally, and to have fun.  Athletes also gain valuable educational, social, and travel experiences, while developing confidence and respect for themselves and others.

Capital City Striders Pictures are here.

Check out Press Releases here.  

Check our Winners Page for Results from 2019 and earlier years!

Click link for important information on how to register for  AAU membership:   http://aaunews.org/news/?p=7056


        Into this world we came

            And we came without a choice,

        Our ancestors built this land

            And even then they had a voice.

        But before they died they planted seeds,             

        From each seed grew a child,

        A beautiful child indeed.

        Through time the cycle continued

            “Seeds” were planted year after year,

        With the sweat and love of our parents

            And certainly not without their tears.

        Those children are our future             

        And they’ll open each door a little wider,

        The ones you see before you now

            Are the very proud Capital City Striders.

        As each one crosses a finish line

            They win more than just a race,

        They win a chance to let it be known

            That they’re here to take their place.

        Hey you Capital City Striders             

        Though you may think each race is fun,

        You’ve got a lot more work to do

            Before the real race is won.

        The main event is with yourself

            Because parents can only do so much,

        And they won’t always be around

            For you to just reach out and touch.

        Whatever you do in life try to win             

        But if you don’t, hold your head with pride,

        Because no one can call you a quitter

            And we’ll love you because you tried.

        Tackle life with ambition

            And  make the doors open wider,

        On the field  be a team

            Because you  are the Capital City Striders.

        Always try your hardest             

        And  never hold yourselves back,

       Remember it’s  good to be a winner,

            So in your minds  be just that.

                        A STRIDER!