YOUTH TRACK AND FIELD


2020 AAU District Qualifying 

Track & Field & Multi-Event Meet

Saturday, June 6, 2020  9:00 am

UC Stadium at Laidley Field

Charleston, WV 

Licensed by:    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU). 

Directors:     Felicia Ferrell                                      Chip Ferrell 

                        Phone (304) 932-6319                         Phone (304) 552-5306

              Email:        Email: 


Entry fee is $10.00 for each athlete. No entry fee will be transferred or refunded. Entry will not be processed unless entry fee is paid by the deadline, 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Monday, June 1st.  Bring a legible copy of a birth certificate or proof of age, along with a 2019 AAU membership card for each athlete entered; Do not send in advance. All entry fees must be paid online, no exceptions will be granted. 

This event is licensed by the Amateur Athletic Union of the U.S., Inc. 

All participants must have a current AAU membership. 

AAU membership may not be included as part of the entry fee to the event. 

AAU Youth Athlete membership must be obtained before the competition begins except where the event operator has a laptop available with an Internet connection. 

Be Prepared: Adult and Non Athlete memberships are no longer instant and cannot be applied for at event.  Participants are encouraged to visit the AAU web site to obtain their membership.  Please allow 10 days for membership to be processed.

Junior Olympic Declaration and Registration Information: All participating AAU eligible Athletes qualify for the AAU Region 4 Championship Meet June 25 – June 28 at Youngstown, OH.  At this meet, the top 6 in each running and field event and top 6 relays will be able to compete in the National Championships July 31 through August 8 at Norfolk State University in Norfolk, VA.  .  Registration and information or the Junior Olympics may be found here:


This meet is open to any athlete who falls within the age divisions listed below. Athletes aged 13 (Sub-Youth) and older may enter in up to a maximum of 4 events including relays.   Younger age brackets may only enter in 3 events including relays. If an athlete is entered into too many events, meet management reserves the right to reject the athlete from one or more events without notification. 

Age Divisions:

Age divisions are determined by year of birth. Listed below are the events that will take place in each age division. The Young Men’s/Women’s division athletes born in 2000 must turn 19 after 08/03/2019, the final day of the national meet (July 31 through August 8 at North Carolina A & T State University in Greensboro, NC). 

Entry Process: 

Teams must be AAU registered teams: 

All teams and unattached athletes must utilize the online entry process. Athletes can be entered until 11:59 pm Eastern Time, Monday, June 1.  You must pay for your entries with a credit card online or an e-check.  Immediately after registering online, individuals and teams will receive a receipt from the website, which will produce a list of all athletes registered for the meet. This receipt should be used as your transcript of your meet entries. If your athletes do not appear on the confirmation, they are not registered for the meet. 

Check-In Requirements: 

Be sure to bring birth certificates and AAU cards with you when you pick up your numbers. 


In individual and relay events, medals will be awarded to the top 6 participants. 

Facilities and Refreshments: 

The track is an 8-lane all-weather surface. Only ¼” or smaller pyramid spikes are allowed. The Kanawha Valley Track & Field Officials Association and WV USA Track & Field will provide USATF Certified Officials and fully automatic timing & results (Finish Lynx Cameras interfaced with Hy-Tek Meet Manager) to run this meet. No smoking, radios, glass containers, or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the facility. Full-service concession stands and a hospitality area for officials are provided. 


The meet management will provide starting blocks, batons, and throwing implements. There is no need to bring personal implements with you. Those who desire to utilize personal implements must obtain certification from the weights and measures meet official prior to competition, including pole vault poles.  If personal implements are used, they will not be released until the end of the competition for that age group.

Order of Events 

Rolling Schedule -- Youngest age group runs first -- Girls run before boys -- As one event ends, the next event starts.  Listen to the announcer for your events  

9:00 AM Saturday, June 6                           Break at noon for 30 min

3000M Run (B&G 11-18)                              4x800M Relay (G&B 13–18) 

2000 M Steeplechase (B&G 15-18)             1500M Run (G&B) 

80M Hurdles (G&B 11-12) (30”)                    200M Hurdles (G&B 13-14) 

100M Hurdles (G 13-14) (30”)                      400M Hurdles (G&B 15-16/17-18) 

100M Hurdles (B 13-14/G15-18) (33”)          800M Run (G&B) 

110M Hurdles (B 15-18) (39”)                       200M Dash Finals (G&B) 

100M Dash Timed Finals (G&B                    4x400M Relay (G&B) 

400M Dash (Timed Final) (G&B)                  Race Walkers 

4x100M Relay (G&B)      


    9:00 AM Saturday June 6                          

Pole Vault (13-18 Girls then Boys)

Discus (11 & up Boys then Girls)

High Jump (9 & up Girls then Boys)

Long Jump (7 & up Boys then Girls)

Shot Put (7 & up Boys Then Girls)

Javelin ages (13-18 Girls then Boys)

Triple Jump (13 & up Girls then Boys)

Running Events take precedence over Field Events.  Get excused from the Field Event Official, run your race, and return within 10 minutes to the Field Official to report back.

IMPLEMENT WEIGH-IN: at the venue 

CONTACT:      Coach Chip Ferrell