Please enroll your Kroger Plus card in the Kroger Community Reward program assigning it to the Capital City Striders.  Capital City Striders received almost $100 from the last accounting period, but we would like more people contributing in this way!  If you enroll your card and assign it to the Capital City Striders, Kroger donates a fraction of your purchases from your Kroger Plus card to the Capital City Striders by sending quarterly contributions to the CCS.  Your non-CCS friends are welcome to do this as well.  If numbers of people will participate, the small fractions can add up to significant contributions.  

If you do not have a (free) Kroger Plus card, it allows significant discounts on many Kroger products and may be obtained from customer service at a Kroger store, or online at by clicking on the button “Create an Account,” then offering your email, a password, and your name.  You then type in an “Alt ID” (typically your 10-digit phone number so you can remember it) to use when shopping if you do not have your Kroger Plus card with you. 

To enroll in the Kroger Community Rewards Program for the Capital City Striders, you may call the number on the back of your Kroger Plus card and ask to enroll for the Capital City Striders or you may sign up online. To sign up online, login or create your Kroger account at .  Under the menu across the top, choose “Savings and Rewards” and the sub menu “Kroger Community Rewards.”  Since CCS has already applied, choose the button “Enroll Now.”  You will then be allowed to search for organizations. Type in “Capital” and choose “Capital City Striders” and choose “Enroll.”  

If you have questions about the Kroger program, please contact Coach Chip Ferrell at or at 304 932-6319 or 304 552-5306. Thank you for helping the Capital City Striders through your grocery purchases.

To donate to Capital City Striders, click here. 

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